Design of cleanrooms

The Design Bureau of Polikor LLC designs cleanroom projects in accordance with ISO, GMP and other regulatory standards based on conceptual solutions, technologies, and plans provided by the customer, with or without relevant expertise.

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Manufacture of structures for cleanrooms

Panel structures and other structural elements for cleanrooms are manufactured at the production facilities of Polikor Company using its own technological equipment. The manufacturing technology is constantly being improved.

Проектирование чистых помещений

Supply of equipment for cleanrooms

Polikor LLC supplies imported equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems, which has proved itself as a high-quality, reliable equipment at a reasonable price. The equipment is designed and selected for a specific type of production, taking into account the customer needs and wishes.

панели для чистых помещений цена

On-site installation of

We provide a full range of installation works for the construction of cleanrooms:
— installation of metal wall and ceiling structures;
— installation of electric power and lighting systems;
— installation of air ducts and equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems;
— start-up and commissioning works;
— automation and dispatching of cleanroom engineering systems.

панели для чистых помещений цена

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