Light unit

Light unit

They are used by pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions and other institutions. They are installed in the panel construction of the suspended ceiling or any other type of ceiling.

They are available in two versions: standard type, and with the short-term emergency lighting function (On-Battery Mode).

  • body material – galvanized steel;
  • IP Code – IP54;
  • overall dimensions – 650 x 650 x 70 mm; 325 x 650 x 70 mm;
  • wattage – 36 W (4 lamps); 18W (2 lamps);
  • color temperature – 4000 K; 6500 K;
  • output lumen– 3600 lm (4 lamps); 1800 lm (2 lamps);
  • supply voltage – 180-264 V.

The design of the lamps provides for the possibility to replace the lamps from below enabling them to be serviced inside the cleanrooms without stopping the production process. However, at the customer’s request, the lamp can also be manufactured with the possibility to be serviced from the top (with a removable top cover).

They do not emit any harmful substances and are resistant to treatment with disinfectants.

The surface of the lamps is coated with polymer powder coating in RAL colors.

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