HEPA-filter box

HEPA-filter box

They are used to supply clean air to a room from the ventilation and air-conditioning system. They can be installed in the panel construction of the suspended ceiling or any other type of ceiling.

They are manufactured in sizes suitable for installation of standard high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA, ULPA).

  • body material – galvanized steel;
  • connection type – horizontal or vertical;
  • cross-section of the connecting pipe – rectangular or circular.

HEPA-filter boxes are completed with the filter clamping mechanism and the grill:

  • perforated – to create a laminar air flow;
  • turbulent – to create a turbulent air flow.

HEPA-filter boxes are used in healthcare facilities to create a laminar air flow area directly above the operating table in the operating room.

The design of the HEPA-filter boxes provides for the possibility to control the particulate air filters tightness, and to measure the differential pressure across the filter.

They do not emit any harmful substances and are resistant to treatment with disinfectants.

The surface of the HEPA-filter boxes is coated with polymer powder coating in RAL colors.

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